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from SMoRZ3,
from SMoRZ3,
A bit off piste for the Strategy Exchange, I ended up giving a talk earlier this month on my own GTD-based productivity system, to a peer group of independent consultants, at the Elsie Whitely Innovation Centre in Halifax.  For posterity, here’s a summary of what we covered – feel free to get in touch or reply to this blog if your curiosity is piqued.

Robert Pirsig
Mark McCormack
Tom Hopkins
Harold Geneen
John Seeley Brown
Joi Ito
Reid Hoffman
Tony Schwartz
David Rock
Mihaly Csikszentmihaly
Winifred Gallagher
Douglas Merrill
Merlin Mann
Keith Ferrazzi
Timothy Ferris
Josh Waitzkin
Laura Vanderkam
David Allen
Graham Allcott



Time management is a dumb way to manage time
Managing energy (Tony Schwartz)
Managing attention (Graham Allcott)
Inbox everything
Process to zero (Merlin Mann, David Allen)
Use calendar to record hard edges
Use checklists
Weekly review
Search trumps filing
The difference between projects and actions
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Gmail, Google Calendar and Evernote
RSS reader, Open Office, WordPress, Freemind, Google Drive, Dropbox, Diigo, LinkedIn
GQueues, Zoho

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