The Strategy Exchange directors have decades of experience of corporate and business strategy, corporate finance and M&A

We’ve each had board-level, executive responsibility for development and execution of group and business strategy, international mergers and acquisitions, and line management.   We also have a deep technical foundation in the disciplines and tools of strategic management and of corporate finance.  We provide corporate groups, financial sponsors and independent businesses with a high calibre,  flexible and innovative strategic consultancy and corporate development/M&A resource.

To date our initiatives have included:

  • Strategic review, business structure analysis and competitive positioning evaluation
  • Identifying and evaluating strategic options and development directions
  • Sourcing and raising development capital
  • Planning for and executing business divestment
  • Supporting directors and management through ownership transition
  • Managing execution and delivery of strategic change
  • Supporting boards and senior management teams by coaching, mentoring and serving as Non-Executive Directors
  • Providing deep insight into sector and asset opportunities
  • Originating and leading investment opportunities
  • Identifying value drivers and helping to develop investment theses
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Industry due diligence – acting as sector and asset experts
  • Environmental scanning and strategic foresight
  • Structuring corporate development strategies and acquisition management processes