The Strategy Exchange provides a high-calibre, hands-on  strategy and corporate development service to businesses, corporate groups and financial sponsors, with the focused objective of building equity value

We’ve had decades of experience as hands-on strategists, deal makers and line managers, and we’ve been up close and personal with hundreds of businesses.  We bring perspective, focus, rigour and depth of insight.  We’re dogged, rigorous, opinionated.  We have a singular focus on competitive advantage, and we get results.

We’ve also successfully managcropped-Go-001_crop.jpged dozens of corporate deals – business sales, acquisitions, management buy-outs,  joint ventures, equity and debt financing, all with the same focused objective of maximising equity value.

We work a great deal with independent businesses on an advisory or participation basis. Owning and running a business can be lonely.  The experience is always intense but often narrow. We bring a breadth of perspective and insight, a deep understanding of business strategy, an extensive network, and a passion to help you succeed. If the time comes to sell shareholdings or to raise new equity then there’s no one better to have on your team – but we’re not preoccupied with ‘doing deals’ or looking for an ‘exit’ when it’s not appropriate.  You’ll find us to be rigorously objective.

We also work with private equity investors.  We’ll line ourselves up with investors and management teams to drive equity value and see an investment through to a successful realisation.  We also provide strategic insight, industry and asset expert due diligence support, and deal lead

We’re no strangers to corporate strategy either.  We’ve learned through hard experience the difference between value-building and vanity investment. We help established and emerging corporate groups to  frame, validate and execute effective corporate development strategies.   Caligraphy set


The Strategy Exchange Blog covers a range of strategic themes, from the impact of macroenvrionmental developments on sectors and business models, to the roots of competitive advantage in activities and value networks.



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